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Top 10 downloads by hit count.
COSMIC Guideline for sizing Business Application software v1.1 (Hits: 4862 Rating: 9 Votes: 1)
Provides extra guidance and many examples for sizing business application software using the COSMIC FSM method v3.0
Guideline for sizing Data Warehouse Software (Hits: 3151)
Specialized guidance on sizing data warehouse software using COSMIC FSM Method v3.0 or v3.0.1
COSMIC Case Study - Course Registration System (Hits: 2981)
This case study is of a college system enabling students to register for courses over the web and for professors to select courses and to maintain student grades. The case is documented according to the Rational Unified Process.
Measurement Manual Arabic Translation (Hits: 1997)
This is the official Arabic translation of the Measurement Manual
From Story Points to COSMIC Function Points in Agile Software Development - A Six Sigma perspective (Hits: 1970)
From Story Points to COSMIC Function Points in Agile Software Development - a Six Sigma perspective, Fehlmann, Santillo paper at IWSM 2010
Measurement Manual V3.0.1 - French Translation (Hits: 1964)
This is the official French translation of the COSMIC Measurement Manual V 3.0.1
COSMIC Method v3.0.1 Agile Projects Guideline v1.0 (Hits: 1766)
Guideline for the use of COSMIC FSM to manage Agile projects
Guideline for Sizing Service Oriented Architecture Software (Hits: 1666)
This Guideline describes the application of the COSMIC method for sizing the components of SOA software
Measurement Manual v3.0.1 (in Spanish) (Hits: 1645)
Spanish translation of the COSMIC ''Measurement Manual'', v3.0.1
Method_Update_Bulletin_8 (Hits: 1418)
MUB 8 widens the scope of applicability of the COSMIC method by showing that it can be used to measure certain types of mathematically-intense software.